Daily Archives: October 5, 2013

Feedback from another writer

Today my brother-in-law Drew and I went to  Edcamp Design Thinking together.  Drew is working on his third novel, so on the way back from Edcamp, I gave him the elevator pitch summary for my NanoWrimo novel idea.  As I am thumbnailing the story to him, we drove right past the location in Toronto where my story is set.   It was a weird sensation not unlike deja vu.  Drew gave me several good tips.

  1.  My story involves time travel, so he said that I need to think hard about the mechanism of time travel.  It has to make sense and be internally consistent within the context of the story.  ie) it has to work the same way each time.
  2. He suggested making timelines to keep track of all the different historical periods and events in the story.
  3.  He advised me to do as much of my historical research as possible in October, so that it would not delay the writing in November.

Thanks for the input Drew.  Do you want to join us here on our Family Nanowrimo Journal\ blog?