Daily Archives: October 9, 2013

Oct. 9

typewriterGood morning

  1. Made my first introduction post on the nanowrimo forums.
  2. Filled in my profile on my Nanowrimo page.
  3. Wrote yesterday’s blog post (too busy outlining last night).

At pre-nanowrimo, we geeks do more before breakfast than some people do all day.

Good Evening:

I had a good chat with Drew about the some of the developments in my story, and set up an account for him on this blog.  Welcome aboard Drew.

I am considering using Scrivener to write my Nanowrimo novel.  Pros:  It has the all kinds of research and outlining tools and is designed to write a novel in a non linear way, in bite-sized chucks.  It was also designed with Nanowrimo in mind so it has some great baked in word count trackers.   The non-linear part of it appeals to me because my story will be told in a very non linear (out of time) manner.  It is also free to try through to the end of November and after that, there are some good discounts off it’s regular $40 price tag for NaNoWriMo participants.

Cons:  I would be partially tied to the one computer scrivener is installed on.  I have become quite accustomed to working with whatever tool is in my hand… my command centre workstation (netbook attached to keyboard and mouse), tablet, handheld (htclegend) or even work computer.

Now to install smart ideas and scrivener onto my command centre.

Goodnight Interwebz

P.S.  Just watched the 10 minute Scrivener Intro Video.  I think I am convinced. Installing it now.