Daily Archives: October 18, 2013

October 18– Word Fight!

Over the past few days, I have been monkeying with scrivener, I signed up over on the Nanowrimo Young Writer’s site, so that SJ and I can be buddies over there.  I am MrMcG on the young writer’s Site and ductapeguy on the main Nanowrimo site.  I took some time perusing the nanowrimo forums.  There I found out about word wars and challenges.  On FAWM and 50/90 I love the song skirmishes so word wars seemed intriquing.  Basically a word war is a timed writing exercise where you challenge others to write as much as they can in a fixed period of time.  To help us prepare for nanowrimo, this morning before school, I challenged SJ to a 10 minute word war.  I forgot to set the timer so we did closer to 15.  I did 334 words.  She wrote 369 words.  I knew she could type faster than me, but I wasn’t expecting her to beat me on our first writing challenge.  Good for you SJ.

One of my favorite books from when I was 13 was The Mouse That Roared by Leonard Wibberley.  My favorite quote from the book was

Though the pen is mightier than the sword, the sword speaks louder and stronger at any given moment.

Seems like an appropriate motto for a word war.