October 29- T Minus 3 days and Counting

TimeForTheFair-CoverThis evening I entered my novel idea into my NanoWrimo page, mocked up a title and cover for my book-  working title: Time for the Fair.   Here is the synopsis I posted.


This summer I entered a contest to become one of 10 official CNE bloggers. I was successful and my family spent over a week enjoying all that the Canadian National Exhibition has to offer. My daughter and I also went to our first FanExpo dressed as Dr. Who characters. In late September, my daughter gave me a challenge I could not refuse- “If you do Nanowrimo, I will do Nanowrimo”.

My novel idea is sort of a combination of all the good times we had together this summer. It is about a boy (Billy) who goes to the CNE and finds himself travelling through the history of the fair and unable to get back to his home timeline. The one sentence pitch “It’s a time travel story that take place mostly on the grounds of the EX”.

It’s my first time attempting to tell a novel-length story. I am drawing from all sorts of other time travel stories including The Oddyssey, Back to the Future, Dr. Who, Bill and Ted, a couple of Lewis Shiner’s books, Forrest Gump and more.


It’s either TBA or trapped in time and space.


I also helped SJ set up a wordcount widget from Sarra’s Word Meter, and we recorded a short pre nanowrimo vlog.  We may do this again in November.

I have also added all sorts of inspirational stuff and widgets to the blog including the daily NanoToon by Errol and Mur Lafferty’s daily special Nanowrimo, I Should Be Writing Podcasts.


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