Daily Archives: October 30, 2013

Oct 30 T minus 2

I woke up with my mind abuzz with Nano Last Minute Prep Ideas.

  1. Last night SJ and I worked on our homework on separate computers in the spare room.  Today I brought a second desk in the room to allow her (or another family member) to work in proximity with us in the room.  I think we will writing together to be a motivation, although it my also present distractions.  *SJ told me that she would prefer to work on her laptop sitting on the bed in the spare room/office, but I brought a desk up anyway.
  2. I know that on the hard days I will need a barrier free setup to writing so I’m doing several things to achieve a quick transition from– “I should be writing” to “actually writing words towards my goal”.
  • I need to set up my novel file in scrivener, start blocking out some blank chapters and having some of the housework and organizational things set.
  •  I need to see if I can get scrivener to automagically export  a working document of my novel to dropbox or google docs several times a day.
  • I will leave scrivener open and ready to write when I put my computer to sleep at night so I just need to awaken it from suspend and start typing. (This will be important because I have blocked out 6ish to 7:30m  for my main writing time).
  • I bought a bluetooth keyboard for my tablet so I can easily write with it wherever I am.
  • I also set up a special schmancy paper writing folio that I can write in longhand if all tech fails me.

Goals:  My daily writing goal is the same as any wrimo 1667 words spread out over 30 days to achieve fifty THOUSAND words.  I am going to try for 2000 a day to give me some buffer.

SJ has set her goal at 10,000 words or 333 words a day.  She thinks this may be on the low side so I challenged her to a DORG (Day One Ridiculous Goal) of 1667 words on November 1.   This will help give us  baseline of what she can reasonably write in a day.