November 1

It’s 6am.  SJ and I are set up in our little office.  Tea is being made.  Now for the first hard transition.  Time to get down to “WRITING”.

Both of us are at our computers, looking at ‘just one more email’ and just one more webpage.  Here is the first hard part of nano.   IT’s time to WRITE.   ‘What am a doing blogging then.’  B4N- 6:11

15 min word war starting 6:22:  Sean 131 Words.  SJ 253

6:37 2 min stop for tea.

6:41 Word war #2 20 min Begins.  SJ start count 303:646 = 343 Sean Start Count 131: 418 = 287

8:15- snuck in another 300 words– Word count 730


SJ 1969 words (Wowza– She passed her goal of 333 words and her DORG (Day One Ridiculous Goal) of 1667.

Sean:  2117 words.  Ouch.  I hope my words per hour pace picks up.  It took about 3-1/2 hours to get this in.





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