Oct 31– And here we go

chequered flag iconToday I started set up automatic backups to my google drive in Scrivener. I also started my master scrivener file and worked on writing synopses for the first several chapters. Now that November has arrived I feel more like a pantser than a planner. I did take time to plan in October, but it was more in dreaming about my story and preparing ‘for’ nanowrimo than actually working on the preparatory stages of writing a novel. Oh well. Into the breach. One thing I’ve learned from FAWM about my creative process is that if I wait for the ‘right time’ to tackle a creative project, I will never start. I am very much a Jump in and peel the bandaid off as quickly as possible kind of guy. Sure it hurts like anything, but only for a short period of time and you get the job done. On that note, see you on the flipside. I’m likely only going to post wordcounts and very brief reflections here. I want to save the wordcount for my novel.

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