November 3

Woke up a little before 6, found out that it was 5 with the time change. Spent an hour drinking tea and wandering through the intertubes.
Listening to this great tribute album that Scott Cooper’s friends made for his 40th birthday. I wish his wife had contacted me. I have a Scott Cooper cover of Don’t Turn Around somewhere.

5:59 (second time around) TIME TO WRITE (Starting Wordcount- 4246)
7:40 Wordcount: 4914. SJ just rolled out of bed after a good sleep-in. Tea and yesterdays bannock and cheese go down good. It is sure nice to see the sun out this early.

8:10 Sean 182 Sarah 278
9:30 Sean It’s a beautiful day out there. I better get out and do some yardwork. Wordcount today: 1248. And I finally have my character at the main setting of the story.

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